The “ham” models her new socks

I have just the coolest socks!Gee, will anyone notice my new socks?After months of knitting on them, I think she liked her new socks! And they looked so cute I made her model them.

Living with a drama student has been interesting ;o)

But, now that I don’t have to look at red and white stripes anymore, I can knit some socks for me! The next pair (I always have at leastone pair on the needles) are from a pattern for the Tofutsie sock club; Summer Daze by Deby Lake. I have chosen to do the pattern in a solid color as the Tofutsie yarn for August, beautiful as it is, was too “busy” to fully show off the pattern work in the knitting. I’ve got the yarn already to start another pair of socks from Cat Bordhi’s new sock book though. They will be stunning!

 The yarn I am using is Regia Silk. I’m not usually partial to regular Regia sock yarn, it’s just not soft enough for my tender tootsies, but their Silk is so soft and wonderful to knit with, I’m delighted!

 Here is a peek at the lovely cables.

Summer Daze Socks - Two at a time from the toe upSummer Daze toes

Definitely a nice change from red and white striped 2×2 rib!

Lest you be afraid that this is only a knitting Blog, I did spend my day at The American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan. I picked up some lovely rayon batiks for who-knows-what yet, but it will be lovely! It just has to sit a bit and tell me what it wants to be.  ;o)  I also picked up some yummy variegated thread by Sulky in 12 wt. It should do a marvelous job of showing up machine quilting nicely on hand dyed fabric.

Now, I’m off to work on my Artist’s journal. Hopefully, I’ll do more than stare at it!

The “ham” models her new socks

2 thoughts on “The “ham” models her new socks

  1. Cindy Benson says:

    I love the red and white socks, but especially the cute and dramatic model!
    What is that frilly white edging along the tops? Is it a crocheted egdging? Very cute! Love your new blog and glad you enjoyed yourself at the Sewing Expo! Did you even think of me once slaving away at the shop while you were shopping for yummy creative stuff????

    Your Friday Fiber Friend!


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