Dyed Silk & Sock Frills

Hand Dyed Silk NoilI love color. If you haven’t read my About page, you may not quite understand how much that is an understatment  ;o)  So, dyeing is a natural part of my process, whether I’m working with yarn, fabric, roving, or odd bits. My favorite fiber is silk. I love how it can be as heavy and rough as burlap or as soft and sheer as… well, silk! It also has body and drape. Silk noil, or raw silk, is one of my favorite fabrics. It has texture and is heavy enough for clothing but light enough for summer. With a bit of industrious scouring, it takes dye superbly. Here is a 1/2 yard of silk noil I dyed recently and was one of the pictures that Gloria used in my Blog’s banner/background design. I used Gaywool dyes on this one as they are a favorite to use at home. They are easy and tend to be less toxic then some of the other varieties of acid dye. This fabric was done using my favorite technique of wadding it up into a dye bowl that is really a bit too small and dumping in about 3 different colors that are left over from other dyeing projects. Don’t you just love serendipity?

Speaking of dyeing, I found a Blog that I have added to my Blog-roll (see sidebar). This is the Blog of Karren Brito, a wonderful Shibori artist and author. When you read her blog, have napkins ready. You will drool.

Another Blog I have added is for “Whip It”, an artist’s Blog with fantastic info on all aspects of being a fiber (or mixed media) artist. I love this one for all the treasures you find buried in it. BTW, I found this site because Karren Brito had it listed on her Blog. I’m starting to find this whole Blog thing very addictive and informative. Cool!

And lastly, Cindy’s comment asked about the ruffly tops on my daughters red & white striped socks pictured in the last post. Hi Cindy! and no, they are not crocheted. You work with me every Friday and you don’t know I’m allergic to crochet by now??  ;o)  They are a variation of the Sock FrillsFrilled Bind Off explained in Charlene Schurch’s book More Sensational Knitted Socks (both SKS books are favorites of mine). If you have the book, it’s on page 78. Briefly, I worked a last row with a YO (yarn over) in between every stitch, doubling the number of stitches. Then I followed the directions in the book; *work a stitch, make one, bind off the first stitch*, repeat around. This doubled the number of stitches again as I bound them off. It gave a very ruffly top and enough ease that I did not have to worry about it being uncomfortably tight on her thigh.

Dyed Silk & Sock Frills

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