Art Journals vs. Artist’s Journaling

Reviewing the pastConfused? You won’t be after our next exciting episode of “Scarlet Zebra’s Blog!” (with apologies to “Soap” an 80’s night time soap opera spoof – yes, I’m that old  ;o)

Art Journals, Art Books, Altered Books, etc. are works of art in themselves. Often created by the artist to explore an idea, concept, technique, or make a statement. They can be quite beautiful and are currently quite the rage. Here is a link to several sites that illustrate Art Journals.

Revisiting workshopsWhat I want to talk about is Artist’s Journaling. This is a journal that covers all aspects of an artist’s journey. As part of my pre-workshop homework for the class I’m taking (in two days, I’m soooo excited!) at Fabrications; Tempting the Muse with Laura Cater-Woods, we are asked to start an artist’s journal. This has been quite a journey in itself for me. Forcing me to really think about a few things and to really focus on the why’s, the wherefores, and the what’s. Looking at old work for clues as to what moves me enough to make art out of it. Do I have a need to “say” something or do I just feel a severe compulsion to add more color to the world? The later is entirely possible  ;o)  I found that even though I had just started out pasting pictures on white journal pages. It DROVE me NUTS, all that white paper. Out came the colors… yea, it’s a compulsion.
What inpires me?Collecting pictures of old work and WIP’s (works in progress) has at least made me realize I do produce more than I give myself credit for.  But, the hard part is (obviously) finishing things!  Reviewing past workshops is a good way to refresh your memory on what you had learned. Collecting pictures of things that inspire or excite me is a good way to spark a creative frenzy.

All in all, this journal thing is too much fun! And now I’m having some great ideas. Of course, it may just be sleep deprivation. I’m packed (finally) and ready to head for my fun, arty weekend! See y’all next week  :o)

Art Journals vs. Artist’s Journaling

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