Cathy’s Quilt and back from Fabrications

Portrait of CathyI’m back from my wonderful four days of creative bliss. I learned so much and made so much progress on one quilt and a million issues that relate to being an artist. It was fabulous, it was stupendous, it was marvelous… it was legendary. OK, all gushing aside, I had a blast and learned lots. Laura Cater-Woods is a terrific creativity coach and I feel progress in my bones. But, more on that next time.

This time, I want to share my latest finished quilt. I actually finished it a week ago but it was a gift and could not be revealed until now. I started a self portrait in Pam Allen’s class last year. It looked like me. It was boring. I wanted something a bit more edgy, fun, funky! I decided I needed a more inspiring model. So, I picked my friend Cathy A. She was the first fiber friend I made after moving to Michigan. I was soooo missing the yarn shop where I had worked, my Art Quilter’s group and my Weaving group.

Cathy detail 1Then, when I was so desperate for a art quilter’s group that was NOT into traditional or Thimble Berries or Sun Bonnet Sue (ACK!) that I put an ad in the local paper and started my own, Cathy came (a long drive for her) and helped make it grow (with all the other great members) into the thriving Eye for Fiber: an art group that it is today. Then, she is the person who heads up the efforts that produce Fabrications and have allowed me to wallow in an annual fiber art retreat.

Cathy detail 2As you are working on a quilt, your mind tends to mull a bit. I realized what an effect that Cathy’s simple existence had had on my life here and poured a little gratitude into it so I could give it to her when done. Yes, it took me all year to finish it but, that’s just ‘cuz I had so much gratitude to work in there  🙂  I might point out that this does not look like her. She does not have a blue face and lopsided casabas. It does reflect her fun, colorful, big hearted, and dare I say? Funky! personality.

She is also a knitter, does it show?


Cathy’s Quilt and back from Fabrications

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