Spinning and Dyeing

This Monday was Spinning group day. I belong to the Friends of the Fleece spinning group that meets in Imlay City once a month on the 2nd Monday and we sit and spin and do other fiber related things as well. This month Margot L. taught us all how to make braided rugs out of felted roving. I did not attempt to start one as I already have 9,456,351.6 projects in the works and let’s face it, I think I’ve finally hit my limit for WIPs. I did file it away for future consideration as I have a braided mat someone brought me from a trip once and it’s the perfect trivet! I did do a bit of spinning though.

Painted Roving

I like color. I like bright colors. I like a lot of color. Have I mentioned I like color? Here is a picture of my spinning WIP, a painted roving by moi that is being spun into sock yarn. It started life in my possession as a pure white, lovely, super-soft, superwash merino top from Louet. I just love this top (top is like roving but combed more for more parallel fibers). It’s a delight to touch and run through your fingers, in other words, a delight to spin! Throw in some color and you have nirvana  🙂

This top was dyed by the “paint” method. I soaked it in acid water, squeezed it out (not too dry) and laid it zig-zag style in a (clean, never used!) cat litter tray. I then applied dye from squirt bottles in stripes cross-wise across the zig-zagged top, sorry, no pictures of this step. after baking in the dye oven and rinsing and drying – it became truly luscious stuff! Since I seriously believe all projects have to have a challenge where you learn something new, my something for this yarn is to spin it a little thicker than my usual default of super fine lace weight. My goal is something between sock and sport weight. At the moment it looks a bit more like a thick-and-thin yarn but I’m working on it. I do plan on dyeing a solid(ish) teal merino superwash to ply with it to give it a bit of contrast.

True confessions, I rarely get time to spin, I go to spinning group just so I can actually do some spinning. So, 2 hours of spinning, once a month, calculates to a finished yarn, ready for knitting in June of 2012. Check back here on that date and see if I made it! ;o)

Spinning and Dyeing

One thought on “Spinning and Dyeing

  1. It’s really beautiful! I’m with you on spinning… I only do it when all my other obligations are complete, which means once or twice a year. I need a monthly spinning group. I used to go to Spinners Flock in Chelsea. However, it’s an hour one-way and it’s on a Saturday which is work day for me. I opted this year for income rather than entertainment on Saturdays.



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