I’m too Clever!

I’m just too clever for my own good! I have invented a new cast-on, a nice and stretchy one that is really easy. Since I can’t show you all of my current projects (they are all Christmas presents, the projects for me being on-hold), I can at least show you my clever new cast-on.

First, the description, then a little demo. It’s a simple knitted cast-on with an extra step; using a knitting needle in your left hand and a crochet hook, about the same size as the knit needle in your right hand. Make a slip knot and put it on the left hand needle. Using the crochet hook, enter the loop as if to knit and (surprise!) knit a stitch. As you all know (who are familiar with a knitted cast-on), you do not remove the stitch off the left hand needle, instead you put the loop from the right hand needle on the left needle. But WAIT, don’t do that yet. Next, chain one with the crochet hook and then put it on the left hand needle. You have effectively cast-on a stitch with a chain stitch in between. Lots more room, lots more stretch! Just keep doing that and you have plenty of stretch for a sock top, glove wrists, sweater hems, etc. You can even adjust the amount of stretch by adding the extra chain only as often as needed; like every third stitch that you cast-on, or for a ruffly edge, add two or three chains between each cast-on stitch. Here is a demo;

While I’m basking in my stupendous feat, I do know I probably am not the first one to dream this up and millions of knitters all over the world, for centuries, have already discovered it but… I’m still impressed with myself ;o) To add chocolate sauce to the event, I’ve also figured out videos and how to put them here. Cool, huh?

As for Ravelry, I’m in! If you are there, come see me. Back to Christmas projects…

Deb H

I’m too Clever!

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