A little History

DadA little history about me; my father was a Sea Captain. I spent more time on a ship during his life then on dry land, at times I get very homesick for the smell of salt air. He was also a Merchant Marine during WWII; running oil tankers from Alaska to Seattle for the war effort. He ran the Mail Boat along the Aleutian Chain in the 50’s, but mostly, he was a King Crab fisherman. That was in the days when the crab was processed right on the same ship that caught it and it was truly fresh! The last ship I remember him having was 164′ converted mine sweep called the Alaska Trader. I waffle on about all this because it’s actually fiber related! How you ask, with bated breath?

I’ve finally found a Charity I can relate to. I can’t believe in all my years that I have never heard of this but I do live a sheltered life and don’t get out much ;o) I’m too busy at home playing with fiber and I like it that way.

My Man's ScarfThe Charity I found is The Christmas at Sea Program. It’s a group that collects and distributes hand knitted scarves, hats, socks, vests, etc… to seamen from around the world who enter a sea port or river port. They are based in NYC so I’m not sure how many ports are covered by them but the number of items they distribute is staggering! I’d like to find out if there is something similar to this for the West Coast Seaman. The organization is affiliated with a church but aside from that and the knitted garments they also provide other small necessities as well as legal aid, training, and other practical help. I’m more interested in saving ears, toes, and fingers than souls but I know first hand how hard a seaman’s life can be and think this is a wonderful excuse to knit! I’ve placed a link to their Blog down my sidebar somewhere if you’d like more info. Oh! They will also provide the yarn if you cannot afford to donate more than your time and they have free patterns on their site. It’s a bit late to get items to them for this year (the deadline is 12/19) but I’m planning a few for next Christmas

The scarf you see pictured here is one I designed for my DH. For those of you who frequented my web site when SZ was a fiber art supplier, you will recognize this as the scarf and pattern I knit for my honey for Christmas 2004 and posted for my customers shortly after. It’s a variation of a basket weave stitch with a seed stitch border and looks the same on both sides. It also, does not curl. I have posted the pattern so you can use it to knit a man’s scarf for sailors or your own deserving man. 🙂 Go to My Man’s Scarf Pattern.

Happy Holiday knitting!

A little History

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