Bamboo Scarves… yum!

The hubbub of Christmas is over. I can start to get back to my regular routine. I didn’t exactly get to dive right in though. After spending a wonderful nine days in Oregon for the holidays with family and a short excursion up to Washington to see more family and friends (it made me homesick!) we came back to Michigan in time to get buried under 18″ of snow on New Year’s day. Coupled with no power, it was a bit of a bummer but we did have the generator for the necessities at least. A good day for knitting 🙂

Mom’s Bamboo Scarf

Now that Christmas is over, I can share some of the projects I’ve been working on the last few months. I wove scarves for my Mother and my Mother-in-Law from Bamboo yarn. The color had been calling to me from the shelf at work for a while and I just had to do them! I wove my Mom’s first, I warped SWTC Bamboo (color Sahara 142) at 12 epi (ends per inch) and threw in a Louisa Harding soft pink variegated ribbon yarn with just a bare touch of metallic about every inch or so.

Detail of Mom’s Scarf

The Bamboo yarn is a lovely variegated pastel in taupe, bronze, grey, beige and mauve. I wove it in a simple twill at about 12 ppi (picks per inch). To give it a little bit more glitz I added size 6 seed beads in a root beer AB and knotted the ends of the fringe. It turned out great. I was very pleased with the scarf and wowed by the yarn! That Bamboo has the softness and slinky drape of the best silk. Yum!

On a roll, I wound a warp for another one for my Mother-in-Law, sans pink metallic ribbon as she is not the glitzy type. Instead I threw in a couple of warps of a coordinating SWTC Bamboo in Chocolate where the ribbon had been. I tied the new warp onto the finished one and pulled it through – easiest loom dressing I’ve ever done!

Pauline’s Bamboo Scarf

Using the same twill, I packed this one a little bit closer at about 16 ppi as the yarn is very slippery and without the LH ribbon to keep things in place (it’s a little rough) the scarf needed the closer pack to make it all stay where it should. Some day I’ll tell you about the 3rd scarf, actually woven second and waaayyyy too loose!

Detail of Pauline’s scarf

I was just as pleased with the scarf for MIL as I was with the first one. Not being able to resist, I did add beads to the twisted fringe. I kept it to a minimum though as I wasn’t sure she’d like too many.

Paulines Scarf - Detail

After wet finishing, both scarves were even more luscious that off the loom; soft and draped like liquid – I was happy!:)

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and wish you all the very best in 2008. Especially have a Happy Fiber Year !

Deb H

Bamboo Scarves… yum!

2 thoughts on “Bamboo Scarves… yum!

  1. Charlene McHugh says:

    Hey Cousin-

    What a beautiful wrap! I love it. I keep thinking I may need to learn to weave. My friend Jennie Clyne (Knitwitmama) spins, knits and is learning to weave. You both inspire me!
    Love Ya,


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