My Head is going to Explode!

Self PortraitIs it sinus? Is is hormones? No, its too many ideas! The best kind of dilemma but it can also be paralyzing. Not only do I have a bazillion fiber projects I want to accomplish in 2008 but I also have 906 home improvement projects (including gardening), 618 organizing projects, and 356 (as of today) things I want to Blog about. Where to start!?!?

I also seem to be suffering from start-itis. Just because I finished a pair of socks, I felt compelled to start another, and then another. So I finished one but have 3 started. This does not take into account the sweater I started last winter that is stalled because I’m not wild about the yarn, now that it’s being worked with – too scratchy. Hmmm, at least I have plenty of “travel” knitting. 🙂 and a good excuse to buy more yarn (to replace the scratchy yarn that will be a good “felted” project someday).

And I haven’t done anything with my Ravelry account yet.

I did do some yarn dyeing and got my Etsy Shop updated. That was a biggy as it needed attention. The yarns; an alpaca and pima cotton blend, turned out delicious (see sidebar) and as always, I have mixed feelings about them selling. I have to keep telling myself, these are not my children.

The socks I finished? My silk/wool mock cable in gray. They turned out lovely and I think I feel a pair of hand warmers to match coming on.

Grey Silk Socks

I do believe I will wash these by hand though. As soon as they were done, I threw them in the washer (gentle) and dryer (low) and they did “fuzz” a bit, leaving the cabled pattern a little less defined. But, I’m still happy and they are wonderfully soft!

Gray Silk Socks detail

And since today is a real “rambling on” day. I have to share a new toy that is just too cool. One of the things I love to do besides play with fiber is play in my herb garden. Since Michigan winters are so long, I have a short part of the year I can do that. My wonderful hubby found me a terrific solution. An AeroGarden that grows my herbs indoors with minimum fuss. It’s only been planted for a few days and I already have sprouts, I’m very tickled with this new winter solution! He found mine at Sam’s Club, I’ll keep you posted.

AeroGarden Sprouts!









Well, to find some focus in this New Year; one of my favorite mentors, Laura Cater-Woods has told me, write it down in your journal, make a list, use the SMART method to plan goals.

So, I’m off to plan and reduce the overload trauma a New year always gives me 😉


My Head is going to Explode!

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