Socks as a form of ABD

Winterberry Socks in Progress

It seems like I have not done anything but knit socks since Christmas. On my long list of things to get done in January, only the hall got painted, and one class got written… OK, I did more than that, I polished my Etsy and added some more yarns. I also learned a little about using Flickr and Ravelry but that is a huge learning curve at this point (well, for me).

I’ve been knitting socks.

Winterberry Socks - detail

Well, I did knit about 100 (slight exaggeration) sock toes as I was writing a class on alternative toes for socks to teach at Knit Michigan, which was a blast! Here are some of the round toes that survived the Grim Frogger (being ripped out).

Sock Toes

But I had finished the grey silk socks and then began the December Tofutsie Club socks; Winterberry (top two photos) when my DH decided he needed heavy socks for his winter boots. His house socks I knit him last year (I hand dyed Cascade 220 Superwash for these and knit them on size 3 (US) needles) were perfect so could I just do another pair like that? But longer?

Jack’s House Socks

I love dyeing sock yarn, didn’t the colors come out nice and manly? 😉

dyed house socks

So two more balls of Cascade later (I did not dye these, he wanted them this winter) and I got them finished.

Jack’s Boot Socks

Not very exciting as far as color or pattern but somehow satisfying to work on. Even if they did take a very long time for such a big gauge – his has big feet! And the lovely green heather was soothing to work on. These were a basic pattern done toe-up, two-at-a-time, my favorite sock knitting method.

boot sock detail

So, what is ABD? And, what does it have to do with sock knitting?

Avoidance Behavior Disorder. Before you run to your shrink for medication, I think I may have made this one up. Of course, that’s what they (the Dr.’s and the pharmaceuticals) do too, isn’t it? ABD is what you do when you really should be doing something else but are avoiding it… like cleaning up the studio.


Deb H

Socks as a form of ABD

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