Fight Winter White With Color!

The snow has lost it’s charm — that actually happened about late November šŸ˜¦ — and the cold has never had much appeal. What do you do when you are sick of looking at dirty white everywhere for ever and ever?!?


My art group that meets once a month decided to fight back against the Michigan winter by heating up the dye pots (OK, microwaves) and attacking protein fibers with color. Of course I forget to bring out my camera until after the fun part is over and I’m down to the drudge work – rinsing. But this sink full has some potential.

Rinsing out dye

The bucket on the right is the only fabric I did, it is a fat half of silk noil and was actually more of a mop-up cloth than a planned project but the colors are nice šŸ™‚ The top bucket is some Tofutsie sock yarn I played with – I’m very please with this so far. The bottom bucket is a merino superwash sock yarn that is a bit darker than I had imagined. The photo below is a huge skein of merino single ply sock weight. I tried a technique I just read about in the new WeaveZine that Syne Mitchell is now publishing, a great read, check it out! Anyway, I tried the palindrome skein technique she wrote about. In a nutshell, its a way to dye skeins so they can be wound into a warp (for weavers) and look like a painted warp, sort of ikat style. I’ll keep you posted on how well my efforts worked.


The big skein

I think I see a pattern developing here – could it be I have a favorite color palette? And yes, that’s a fire extinguisher weighting the skein. Hey! It was handy.


Yarn Drying

I think they might just do. I feel spring closer already šŸ™‚

Deb H

Fight Winter White With Color!

4 thoughts on “Fight Winter White With Color!

  1. I do turquoise and green every February. I used to think it was a random chance but now I am clear it’s about trying to summons spring to Michigan more quickly. Knitting spring into existence.



  2. teri says:

    You mean you are actually going to WEAVE????!!!!!! I have been giving it serious thought.

    Is that the dining room?? Looks familiar and looks like fun!



  3. Deb, thanks for the colors — you’ve cheered me up too! Every winter seems to be harder to take up here, doesn’t it? But I think you’ve hit upon a fabulous remedy for the late winter blahs. I’m going to pull out some of my prettiest skeins of yarn and “decorate” the house with them!


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