Out of the Dyepot!

I feel like I’ve been away it’s been such a busy two weeks! It’s been a good two weeks though 🙂 To start, here are some of my results from last post’s dyeing ->

Green wool & cotton sock yarn

(Above) A wool and cotton blend sock yarn; kind of a disappointment. I love green, but not Christmas green. It’s just sooooo… I don’t know, lacking in yellow or blue? Back in the dye pot with this one!

Over dyed Merino Superwash

(Above) This is a merino superwash sport weight that I over dyed. I was a Christmas green, pretty much like the yarn above it – you’d think I’d learn that trying to make a yarn with chartreuse and teal stripes will always turn out Christmas green! I over dyed it with indigo and I’m much happier. Yes, all those little balls mean that I had knit something out of it and then ripped it out. I’ll try again; hand warmers.

Tofutsie Spring Yarn

(Above) The Tofutsie sock yarn was the star of the day! I love the soft colors I got. It will be a joy making myself some spring socks with this! My weaving yarn (the merino singles I dyed with the Palindrome method that was weighted down with the fire extinguisher) is lovely too but still looks much like the last post’s photo. I’ll show you how it looks as I get it wound into a warp; maybe next week?

But wait! Monday was spinning day and I was almost out of the brightly colored roving I’ve been working on. I knew I needed some teal roving to spin up to ply it with and I had white…

Teal roving

Now it’s teal and it’s spinning up beautifully!

Dinner time, and my orange roughy is done marinading in a freshly made herbed (dill and lemon basil) marinade from my winter indoor herb garden – yum!

Out of the Dyepot!

One thought on “Out of the Dyepot!

  1. I was so sick in Feb. I’m still behind, but I need to get in the dye studio, too. I think any green is a cure for this time of year! It seems every year if I get into the studio in February, I dye hot greens. Then I try to knit spring into existence.



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