Happiness is a finished pair of socks!

I finished the Winterberry socks I was knitting in Tofutsie yarn. They turned out delightful, don’t ya think?

Winterberry Socks

They were December’s Sock-of-the-Month from the Tofutsie club through Southwest Trading Company and local yarn shops. I get mine from Heritage Spinning & Weaving in Lake Orion, Michigan.

Another View of Winterberry Socks

The colorway is not quite what the yarn selection was for December. I decided that the beautiful pastels were not what I need at the moment since I was thinking ahead to spring already and have a hand dyed dress that needed socks to go with. This colorway is a perfect match for my summer dress. πŸ™‚

Winter berry Socks Detail

I think the beautiful little bobbles were a hoot to knit (I’ve never done any bobbles before) and they were not as hard as I expected. They did slow me down a bit but I knit for the pleasure of knitting. A finished product when I’m done is just a bonus! I also like the picot hem instead of a cuff but I have used this before because it’s easy.

Winter berry Socks Toe

I deviated from the pattern in only one place, the toe. Debra Lake, the pattern designer, used a standard top-down toe and I had been wanting to try a spiral toe from the 2006 Holiday Gifts Issue of Interweave Knits, page 54. I think they turned out rather nice! And they fit well too. πŸ™‚

Can you tell I like my socks?

Deb H

PS – 3/20/08, I added the link to Debra’s web site for those of you who would like more info on the pattern designer.

Happiness is a finished pair of socks!

3 thoughts on “Happiness is a finished pair of socks!

  1. Lovely. I never thought of bobbles as a texture element on socks. These are small enough to just plain be texture. Of course, I love bobbles in contrasting yarn as polka-dots sometimes, too.

    I think that toe is stronger than a wedge toe, because at least for me a K2Tog is stronger than a SSK or PSSO. I have started doing these as the “heel” on my afterthought-heel socks.

    Nice color, too. Are you sure these are not MY socks??? LOL Guess I need to finish my pair. Mine are stockinette in Aran weight and I have only half a leg and one heel left. Maybe tomorrow, if all goes well.


  2. Your socks turned out stunning in that color. I love them! I am glad you do too! I didnt realize you were in Michigan also! I left Millington to come to Gaylord in 2006. I used to belong to the Spinners Flock. I love all you dying and really want to learn how. Your yarns are yummy! Deby


  3. Thanks Deby and LynnH. I haven’t actually worn the socks yet, my feet are still to cold to take out of my snow boots πŸ˜‰
    LynnH – I never thought about what decreases or increases are stronger for socks. A whole new idea to consider!
    Deby – We have been in Michigan since 2001. It sure is a lot different from Phoenix! I do visit the Gaylord area (The Garland in Lewiston actually) every fall for Fabrications – for art quilters but wonderful!


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