Another Finished Project :o)

I’ve been managing to keep myself too busy lately so I needed a mindless knitting project. What is more perfect than a linen garter stitch shawl? Just in time for spring too. 🙂 And yes, I just took this picture and it’s snowing! Again! Harrumph!

Linen Yarn

Knit in Louet’s Sport weight Euroflax in “grape #18”. Actually, I’d call it plum as it’s a bit dusky. A truly lovely color and will go with most of my wardrobe. Now, the question is, will I wear it? I’ve never been a shawl wearer but I just had to do something with this yarn and I wanted a quickie project while I waited for my next project’s yarn to arrive.

Plum Shawl

I do believe that the simplicity of this shawl is what will actually make me comfortable in it. I’m just not the phoofy type and too many ruffles or flowers or lacy bits make me nervous.

Swank Plum Shawl

I do like purple and all of it variations, however 😉 The border is a simple YO, k2t (yarn over, knit two together). Oh, the hand dyed rayon dress underneath it is the one my Winterberry socks are meant to go with. It seems I have a complete outfit!

Shawl Detail

And best of all, the linen has a lovely drape and softened up incredibly when it was washed. I love this yarn, I may need to make a summer top!

Deb H

Another Finished Project :o)

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