Knitting Spring into Existence

I’ve taken up the challenge by LynnH of Colorjoy! to knit spring into existence by picking something with very spring colors and thinking warm, sunny, colorful, new growth thoughts while I knit 🙂 My project is a pair of socks called “A Riot of Tulips” because that is what the colorway looks like to me.

A Riot of Tulips Socks

It’s just a start but so far, the cuff is linen stitch and I’m using the Sky Architecture sock pattern from Cat Bordhi’s new book; New Pathways for Sock Knitters, book one. Yes, I’ve started another pair of socks – hey – I like socks!

I must be painting Spring into Existence as well. I just realized that my colors I picked for painting the art room are very spring like!Pale aqua for 3 walls, bright chartreuse for one wall and all the doors, trimmed in medium dark aqua. But, I have to say… it’s always at this point when I wonder why I thought I wanted to take this on – I really do hate painting! As I progress ( a little bit each week, I can only force myself to work on it for short periods of time), it will be worth it. The best part is getting rid of the nauseating wall paper trim (See upper far left of photo). I just can’t handle the cutesy pink flowers in blue baskets – ugh. It’s not my fault, they came with the house!

I hate to paint!

The next saga of my “Grape Vines on Stucco” has not gone excellently. Oy.

I added lots more color. I was actually kind of happy with it, even if it is a bit too yellow.

2nd layer of color

It’s still wet here but you can see the resist is working nicely. I let it cure and heat set it. BTW, I’m using Setasilk, Transparent Setacolor, and Lumiere fabric paints.

I decided to try a less “wet” painting technique and started a second painted silk cloth (both are about 22″ x 26″). This also has resist lines (much softer) and potential.

2nd painted silk cloth

The background is hard to see but is much less yellow. I used a spray bottle and some diluted warm brown. It looks a bit like tea dyeing. After curing and heat setting, I couldn’t stand it and wanted to see how the resist was working. I washed them.

2nd Cloth, washedCloth #1, washed











Whoa! Where did all my color go?!? I guess I need to be a little more patient when it comes to the curing and heat setting.

OK, back to the paint table – at least the yellow washed out 😉

Deb H

Knitting Spring into Existence

One thought on “Knitting Spring into Existence

  1. Looking very nice. Spring is coming for sure, we have violets and one daffodil so far. Yippee!!!

    Going to Yarn Harlot in A2 tomorrow? I’m meeting friends, very happy about it.



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