My wonderful hubby is a bit hard on his socks. So, how to darn a gaping hole in a hand knit sock? There are several ways; you can actually darn it, or you can reknit the section – picking up stitches on each side until you replaced that little square that used to contain the hole. The later was my intent.

After several tries,

A Hole in My Sock!

and not being satisfied with the lumpy edges that would fall under foot… I found the perfect solution! (Thanks Joan!)

New Toes!

OK, so I didn’t have any matching yarn left (I used it up in hand warmers, lesson learned) and had to get creative. On the “I did something right” side of things, I managed to save a heel before the hole appeared. It was just starting to thin so I grabbed some yarn the same weight and did duplicate stitch over the thinning area. This seams to be the best time and way to fix a hole.

My repairs will work, and knitting a new toe is easier than darning. Of course, I knit these with a 100% merino yarn. Nice and soft but not the toughest wearing choice for socks. The green repair yarn is 50% nylon. The toes will last longer than the cuffs! At least he has his house slippers/winter boot socks back and I didn’t have to knit a new pair from scratch. BTW, they were from a yarn I hand painted, they were worth saving.

So! Why have I bored you with sock repair? Mostly because I haven’t done anything “artsy” this week and it was colorful. Speaking of color, I did finish painting one wall of the art room (art store room). This looks ever so much better. 🙂 The walls are light aqua, the closet doors are bright chartreuse and the trim is a medium teal. It looks great! It only took me two weeks to get one wall done but I have gotten some sorting and organizing done along the way. The other three walls will be much easier as they have no doors or windows to trim. Yes, this room was the master bedroom in the original 3-bedroom cottage that used to be this big house. Who designs a master bedroom with no windows?!?!? On the up-side, I can store my fabrics and yarns in here with no worries for sun damage!

Art Room Painting Project

As for the sorting and organizing; I spent three entire days sorting and organizing my beads. It was scary, now it’s functional. I may even do some beading again someday.

And just for grins, I have to show you pictures of my indoor herb garden. I showed you the gizmo (Aerogarden) in January. But I failed to keep you all up with this totally cool way to have fresh herbs all year round and right above the kitchen sink! The January planting grew to an over abundance (I was giving herbs away) until they all started to bolt and bloom (about 3 months). I replanted two weeks ago today. Last Thursday I took a picture for posterity.

Herb Garden - week 1

And today is the two week mark. Pretty cool, huh?

Herb Garden- Week 2

We can’t plant outside here for another 4 weeks so this gives me a bit of spring earlier than I normally get 🙂

Deb H


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