Baby Steps…

Baby Steps… but still getting there. I have another wall finished in the “art supply” room. The chartreuse wall. A very bright spot of color, the rest will all be light aqua. I have a couple more boxes sorted… progress.

I finally got brave and after letting my last paint layer on the “Grapes” silks cure for a week +, then heat setting the crud out of them and letting them cure for another week – I washed them!

“Grapes” cloth 1, 3rd layer of color and 2nd wash

Success, much better color retention and much more the look I was going for. The resist is washed out too and worked very well.

“Grapes” cloth 1, detail

Cloth 2 with it’s sharper look.

“Grapes” cloth 2, 3 layer of color, 2nd wash

And the detail.

“Grapes” cloth 2, detail

I’m quite pleased with them. Now to decide what is next. More paint? Some quilting or stitching? Hummm….

I’ve mentioned my knitting project – the “Mermaid” sweater. A kit and pattern by Hanne Falkenberg and how I swapped out her yarns for ones that are a bit softer. I finally have enough knit to show you all three colors. The rows are long as it is knit from side to side and the edge you are seeing is the I-cord front, left edge (gold) and the beginnings of the shawl collar (navy and purple). The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool and I’m very pleased so far. Granted, I still have a long way to go but it will be a joy!

Mermaid Sweater - a beginning

And now I’m off to fix dinner; herb marinated game hen – with herbs from my indoor herb garden.

Herb Garden, week 4

Planted 4 weeks ago today. Yes, this is such a cool toy I succumbed and got a 2nd one for salad greens, I planted it yesterday. Who needs the grocery store? 😉

Deb H

Baby Steps…

One thought on “Baby Steps…

  1. I want your herbs. Our house is so tiny no way I can do it your way but I’ll plant some outside in a few weeks.

    Please bring the painted silks on Tuesday to lunch if you remember. OK? Would love to see up close.



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