Not Idle!

Italy: a rough sketch - detailI’m pleased.

I have just gotten back from the Post Office. I mailed off my finished quilt titled “Italy: a rough sketch”. You saw peeks of it in it’s embryonic stage as the painted silk cloth I was calling grapes. This is my contribution to this year’s MQAI (Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational) traveling exhibition. Every year there is a new theme (last year was The Art of Music and this year it is Adventures in Italy) and this is my second year to be invited to participate. As a courtesy to the curators (thank you Mary Andrews and Marty Calhoun), I will not post a picture of the whole, completed quilt until after the official exhibit opening on September 12th. But because I only have so much self control and I’m so ecstatic to have finished it, here is a small detail shot (click to biggie it). I’ll post more information about the opening as soon as I have it.

So that is why I haven’t posted in two weeks; I’ve been nose to the sewing machine, so to speak. We did have a meeting for my art group last night and we played with fabric and did small “elements” (as in “design elements”) that can grow into larger things. They can become the focal point for small quilts, ATC’s or what ever!

My simple “elements”.

Here are two small “elements” that I made. I think I had water on my mind. The fact that we were in the middle of a raging and quite impressive thunder, lightening and rain storm may have influenced me!


Morning MistAnd every once in a while, Mother Earth wraps herself in such beauty, I have to record it even though I know a photo can’t possible do her justice. A recent view outside my back door, early in the morning after a vicious storm (we’ve had several lately). After seeing that, how can I not go to my studio and create?

Deb H

Not Idle!

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