An Artistic Journey

My Art Journal - CoverI haven’t done much artwork since I finished the Italy quilt. I have done more organizing, re-organizing, thinning, weeding in the garden, and knitting. I even did some (shudder) mending (I loath mending). While it is all a productive use of time, it is not art related (except, maybe the knitting. 🙂 Unless you consider that while all these mundane chores are being handled, the brain is engaged in an entirely different arena.

My father was a bit of a philosopher. It’s probably a common side effect of being a Sea Captain; all that ocean to look at for months on end. At any rate, I can tend to wax philosophic on occasions myself. Some call it waffling on… I often ponder the meaning of life – but mostly the meaning of art. Striving to be an artist (or at least artistic) is a journey through many dimensions. One must consider the tools (toys?) of your craft, one usually spends a lot of time learning about techniques and art in general. One must consider and study the world; the world that is and the world as we would like it to be — this requires actually leaving the studio, the world is an interactive entity — and one must learn to speak with their muse(s), inner self(selves?) and daemon(s). An artist’s head studio can get pretty crowded even if there is only one person there! Striving to be an artist is a journey in every sense of the word.

Riot of Tulips Socks - 2So, while the body toils in the mundane, the mind is off on it’s own artistic journey. An Art Journal (top photo, click to big-ma-fy) is a good way to document your journey. I wish I could say mine is neat, orderly , and a work of art in itself. It did start out that way but the odd bits are definitely sticking out at odd angles and in no particular order now. It is still doing the job for which it was intended however. It is collecting my thoughts on art in general and on specific projects. It is the storehouse for all of my expelled creativity; the flotsam and jetsam of my brain.

Riot of Tulips Socks - detailBit scary at times.

I have finished the socks I showed you in April when I thought to help knit Spring into Existence. I have several pictures of them here, mostly because they were a rudy bit of work! The pattern is “Bartholomew’s Tantalizing Socks” from Cat Bordhi’s book “New Pathways for Sock Knitters; Book One“. I adore Cat’s designs and how her mind works.

Riot of Tulips Socks - 1Her patterns are a bit of challenge to follow as you have to do some book flipping to find the instructions for various sections of the sock. But, I did them and they turned out pretty well, even if the yarn is such a bright and busy variegation that you can hardly see the linen stitch I carefully put on the instep or the fabulous way the shaping is different from a standard sock. I’m not blaming the Tofutsie yarn, I love it; so soft and wearable and perfect for summer socks. It’s just my choice of this particular colorway for this pattern. Obscure linen stitch aside, these are making me happy. 🙂 I will do more patterns from this book. The designs are so cool, they are worth the effort!

Pointy toes too!

Mermaid Jacket, first sectionI also knit on my Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid” jacket. I am getting my money’s worth out of the Silky Wool yarn as I have ripped it back to ground zero 812 times (just a guess) to”improve” the stripe pattern, the final result is very close to the original pattern with only a slight alteration.

Some of us are just tinkerers.

For those with questionable color representation, the colors are navy, purple, and bright brass. I’m loving the contrast. It is knit side-to-side and this photo (click to biggie it) is the left front with an i-cord for the front edge. The top edge is stepped; the highest bit is the shawl collar which drops down to the front and the shoulder line. The first of several gussets is at the bottom edge. Now that I’m done ripping it out every 6 inches, progress is steady. I just hope my gauge is still on.

Oh, my…

Oh, and I taught a dyeing class at Heritage Spinning and Weaving. My students had a blast as they discovered just how addictive color can be. . I managed to throw several skeins of yarn and some silk noil yardage in some dye while my students painted yarns and rovings of their choice. I just laid down the first layer of color for the silk, some wool superwash for a vest, and 4 skeins of sock yarn.

“Planet Earth” sock yarnWith at least one more layer (maybe two) planned, only one sock yarn is done so far; I call this “Planet Earth” as the colors remind of the Earth as viewed from space.

Deb H


An Artistic Journey

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