ply 1 - bright colors!I’ve been spinning. It started with a brightly colored roving I dyed of Merino superwash (photo, left – click to biggie-ize) with the intent of knitting socks. To avoid muddying the colors and making the whole look too “busy” I dyed an equal amount (8 oz.) of the same fiber in a solid teal color to ply it with. I firmly believe that (almost) all projects should have an element of challenge or something new to learn built into them. My challenge for this yarn was to get some variety in the the thickness and in the twist.

Ply 2 - solid tealI did much better at this in the colored than in the solid. I must have been more attentive in the first roving… the bright colors held my attention better? I don’t find a lot of time for spinning, it seems to be one of those guilty pleasures; I always feel guilty for spending time doing it. I go to a spinning group once a month for the sole excuse of spending time with my wheel. At the last meeting I managed to finish filling one bobbin with the teal (the multi colored is done; two full bobbins) and got so excited, I went home and plied.

Pearls of Color - Handspun yarnRuthanne M. talked me into this and was as eager as I was to see it. So Ruthanne, here is the plied yarn!

A pearl yarn; one ply is thicker (thick & thin) than the other and they have varying degrees of twist for a “row of pearls” look to the yarn. This skein weighs 6 & 3/4 ounces with approximately 283 yards. I expect the next one will be close to that.

Pearls of Color - detailHummm…. a vest? Knitted or woven? This is the first time I have ever spun something with an actual project in mind. Does it take points away if I end up using for a totally different project?

I have also done some more dyeing. I put a second layer of color on some yarns and silk noil fabric I mentioned at the end of my last post. The yarn is done, but still needs to be photographed.

pastel silk noil - hand dyed.

The silk is still very pastel but it has some nice color subtleties. I will definitely put another layer on at least some of these (4 pieces) as pastel is not my usual color range.

And the Planet Earth sock yarn I showed you last post looks so different after being re-skeined.
I love it!


Planet Earth - hand dyed sock yarn
And lastly, I have to share a photo from my back deck, there are benefits to living in the tooley-dingles. 🙂 A full rainbow. I do not have a wide-angle lens so this is best I could get. It was quite wonderful!


Deb H



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