I’ve got the Blues

Not the Blues blues, I’m one of those generally, and annoyingly “up” people most of the time, but I have some lovely blue yarns  🙂

Ocean Blues Yarns

This is six skeins of worsted weight merino superwash and one skein of (almost) matching sock yarn I dyed in July. All re-skeined and looking quite pretty. With about 1300 yards of the worsted, I’m thinking vest. But I wear a Small so I could get a sweater with some careful planning and the addition of a small amount of contrasting yarn. Hummmm…  what to do, what to do. I think the planning and dreaming about what a yarn will be when it grows up it the most fun part for me!

Ocean Blues Yarns, detail

And I just love the subtle colors, sort of like staring into the ocean until you see all of the individual surprising colors that make up the overall color of bluish green. Who would have thought there are so many non-blue or green colors in it!

Since color is the fuel that fires me and keeps me going, I treated myself to an on-going color feast this year at QSDS. One of the regular vendors; Judy R of Just Imagination, has a Yard of the Month Club.For a paltry charge to my cc every month, a lovely surprise just shows up in the mail, like a present! 🙂  Judy’s fabrics are intensely colored and vibrant. I’m addicted to her cotton sateens as the colors just seem to glow on them. This month’s fabric just arrived and I love it so much, I had to share it with you.Judy Fabric - September

Purple and red have been a favorite combination of mine for a really long time. Long before a certain, unnamed group of ladies made it tooooo popular. This one is beautiful. I will have as much fun dreaming about what it will go into as I will planning for the blue yarns. Thanks Judy! When I signed up for the YOM club, a classmate asked me; if I’m a dyer, why would I want fabrics dyed by someone else and not even ones I picked out myself? The answer was simple, inspiration! Most dyers have a signature style and their fabrics are simply not like mine, so they belong in my stash to keep my work from becoming too consistent. Why join a club that adds fabric to my stash that I did not pick out? Because otherwise, all the fabrics in my stash (I know this from experience) will be all the same value and color ranges. Letting another pick out something for me every month helps round out my palette. It’s a brilliant and easy way to expand my selection! A well rounded stash is essential when the design muse strikes at 11 PM – trust me!

Italy Quilt Show Flyer

Come join us for the launching/opening of the “Ciao, Italy” 2008 Michigan Quilt Artists Invitational this Friday, I finally get to see my quilt again; “Italy; A Rough Sketch”. This will be this year’s debut for the 2 year traveling (in Michigan) exhibit. And since it will finally be made public, I can show you my quilt in my next post. Last year’s theme was Music and I have a quilt traveling in that exhibit now. For more information about exhibit dates and locations you can go here.

More fun… Last month, at my Eye for Fiber meeting, we made fabric beads. Linda K shared her technique and we tried a few more from Sherrill Kahn’s Book, Creative Embellishments. A truly cool book with some really fun techniques and some amazingly bizarre  materials.

Fabric beads

I rather think this has potential, pretty neat, huh? My DD Ashland even was inspired to join us and made three of the above beads. Of course, my favorite bead is the chartreuse one  🙂

green fabric bead

These are all about 1/2″ to 3/4″ long.

This was a long one, I guess I really should post more often. The summer has gotten too busy with stuff and gardening. I dread the cold and snow of winter but, maybe it will be less hectic.

Deb H

I’ve got the Blues

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