My Grand Fall Adventure

The Internet is a joy, if you can get on it. It’s  a major irritation if your satellite is acting up! That is the only excuse I have for not posting lately. It’s a wimpy excuse, but it’s mine!

Class Room ViewI’m currently out-of-town at Fabrications for 3 days of rapturous fiber art workshop. An additional perk is the free Wi-Fi in the lobby, hence this post. 🙂 Besides, you have to love a Fiber Art Retreat that has a view like this out the classroom window.

I’m taking the class with Fran Skiles. It was a tough decision as Laura Cater-Woods is teaching here, as well a Jeanne Beck. I have taken two classes with Laura and was very tempted to take it again but I decided to jump of the comfort cliff. Fran’s work and techniques are very different from anything I have ever played with before. I’m so far outside of my box, I can’t even find it.

Pat S & Linda J enjoying classI’m having a total blast. I’m not the only one, here are two of my classmates – Pat S & Linda J. Aren’t they cute?

I have discovered a new tool (anything you use to make art it a tool).


Who knew?

Day One ResultsWe spent day 1 stitching on cotton duck cloth and then coating it with gesso. White gesso and – ta da, it comes in black too. The next great discovery was Clear Gloss Medium. I know, I know… you are thinking “they’ve been around since dirt was new, where have you been?”

I lead a sheltered life.

Here is one of Day One’s pieces (just started). Do I like it? I don’t know, it’s awfully busy. But it has a lot more layers to go.

The adventure continues…

Deb H

My Grand Fall Adventure

2 thoughts on “My Grand Fall Adventure

  1. Cathy says:

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  2. I have had trouble posting lately just because of distractions in my personal life. I like to post “happy” and lately there have been ups and downs… That’s life, huh?

    Glad you are trying new things. Always a good process.



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