Life After Retreat

Joan’s Button Cuff GlovesReturning to the regular routine after a wonderful artistic retreat or adventure is a minor letdown. But it has been mitigated by the fact that my work is with fiber.

Working part time in a yarn shop is not without its dangers though. One has to resist, literally, thousands of temptations in an 8 hour shift. The lure of color and texture can be quite overwhelming and resisting can cause serious physical discomfort; sweats, tension headaches, shakes, even dizziness. Let’s face it, the yarn store (or fabric store) clerk is a pusher, an enabler of the most sinister of addictions. Life is tough.

I digress.

My Hand Dyed Tofutsie SocksI still have a broken Internet at home. My satellite has simply died and the big bucks to fix it are (to put it mildly) highway robbery. Since I’m not under contract to the offending satellite company anymore, my new system is being installed next week. This is much cheaper than repairing the existing one. There is more than one way to afford modern technology. I have to admit, if it had gone on much longer, I may have learned to like not having it. I’ve gotten much more knitting done the last couple of weeks without Internet at home and besides, Starbucks will miss us. This is exactly what happened with our satellite TV, we turned it off for lack of use and never missed it. Two years later, it’s still off.

They fit this timeI digress again.

So, what have I done since returning home? I’ve helped my boss at Heritage proof a pattern she is about to publish – aren’t they cute? (see top picture, click to big-ma-fy) These are Joan’s button cuff gloves. I think they are so nice I’m proofing the pattern again. She should have it ready for sale soon. You can e-mail her for more info if you are interested.

And those Tofutsie socks I was knitting that I had dyed the yarn for? I had them all done except the toes. Well…  they were a bit too tight. So here they are now, a totally new pattern and toe up (my favorite sock technique) this time. They also fit, I tired them on!
I died some yarns that I cannot show you as they are a project for later release and did some silk noil at the same time. I can’t resist throwing silk noil in the batch every time I dye something.

silk noil - dyed

My Hanne Falkenberg sweater is progressing well too, its much farther along than the last photo but I haven’t stop knitting on it long enough to shoot it again, more photos on that later.

It’s time to finish my second extra-dry cappuccino and head home.

Deb H

Life After Retreat

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