It’s Very “Fall”

Joan’s Gloves - Blue! The hand warmers I knit and showed you last post went so well that I had to do it again. These are done with one strand of sport weight hand dyed (by me) and one strand of lace weight mohair/silk blend. Very cushy and soft and should be very warm for typing on a keyboard! The variegated yarn obscures the bobbles a bit but I’m very pleased with them.

I’ve also been playing with dyeing some knitted blanks. These are those big squares of plain knitting that you dye just like dying fabric. they are then unraveled and re-knit into something else. My pal, Ruthanne, knit me two blanks on her knitting machine and I played with them.

Two blanks after dyeing.

Blank 1Blank 2





water bottle coziesAfter unraveling, removing the crimp caused by being knitted already, and re-knitting – water bottle cozies!

I needed something quick and easy to knit so I could see how the dye would translate into knitting. I also wanted two items from each blank so I could share with Ruthanne for her efforts.  This is the set I kept and they all turned out well. BTW – the yarn was a light worsted superwash which took the color quite well; darker than I had planned, actually. But they look great in real life (photos never do anything justice) and I think the experiment was so successful that by the time Ruthanne had knitted me a blank of sock yarn, I ended buying one of her machines. More on that next time!

Does this mean I’m too easily influenced?


The leaves are nearly gone and the color is fading to dull. At least its not yet bleak. November has been very busy already. On top of getting our new Internet provider, we have finally put together my new greenhouse, a cute little 6′ x 8′ clear hut with an automatic vent – very cool! You can see the done-for condition of my herb garden in the photo’s foreground. I wanted my greenhouse ready to store some of the pots from the front porch and protect them from the snow and ice. Now, to get it organized. And with luck, I’ll get some early things going in it come spring. One can hope for the best  ;o)



The vegetable garden is almost done too but I’m suddenly getting my best broccoli of the year – Yum! There is still a bit of work to get the gardens put to bed for the winter, but wet and cold permitting, it is getting done.

Have a wonderful season of the Hunt, what ever you search for.

Deb H

It’s Very “Fall”

One thought on “It’s Very “Fall”

  1. teri says:

    Love the hand warmers- too bad I am suddenly getting hot flashes again. I have finished the back and both sleeves of the sweater I was knitting at Fabrications. Now I am working on the front and still have to do the pockets but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    Took Joey to U of M yesterday. He has Juvenile RA in the form of ankylosing spondilitis. So far the Naprosyn is working but it really makes me sad/angry that my child has to go through this. Good thing he’s athletic because the doctor feels that this is why the damage to his hips and spine is minimal.

    Wish I had a knitting machine….I love the way that yarn knitted up after you dyed it.

    Hugs to all of you!!



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