I’m back……….

Snow SculptureIt seems like it’s been ages since I posted. It has been six weeks and for that I am abashed. My original goal with this Blog was to post a minimum of once a week to create a bit of accountability on how I spend my time; artfully or mundanely (is that a word? My spell checker found it, it must be!). I did pretty well, overall for 2008. I will try to do even better for 2009. I feel that the rouse has worked to some degree as I found myself, on occasions, going into the studio and doing some small thing so I would have something to Blog about that week. In that respect; getting me into the studio and doing anything, it has proven to be a worthwhile venture. So, I’m going to keep at it and hope to improve with age, like a fine wine  😉

My long hiatus has been fraught with a long list of wonderful excuses; hard drive crashes, 5 days of no power, knitting deadlines, added work days, snow, snow and more snow… to sum up; the Lord of the Cosmic Jest has moved in with me and hung around far too long. But in reality it is still all just excuses and not worth more text than this.

I’ve got some catching up to do so I’ll start with the oldest first. The top photo, taken on 12/19 is Mother Nature being artistic and making a lovely sculpture on my back deck with snow and wind. Quite beautiful but I hope the structure can handle the load, it’s almost three feet deep at it’s worst and even though it’s been rearranged a bit, it’s still all there today. It’s a good thing we don’t need to use the back door. At least our bleak season has some creative moments. 🙂

Transitions One, Two, and Three

The photo above is my “transitions” series I did last June, finally finished, mounted and ready for a wall. I wanted something a bit more “gallery” ready when it came to hanging. More collages that art quilts, I thought it fitting. I mounted them on artist’s canvases that I covered with scrunched colored tissue paper, gel medium, and paint. After a final seal, I mounted my collages on them with a small bit of foam core in between to give them a slight “floating” effect. I’m very happy with the finished results.

Here is a closer look at Transitions 1 (click to big-ma-fy).

Trasitions One, detail ATransitions One

Transitions One, detail B




Here is Transitions 2.

Transitions 2 - detail C

Transitions 2Transitions 2 - detail A




And Transitions 3.

Transitions 3 - detail B

Transitions 3Transitions 3 - detail A

More updates next time.

Deb H

I’m back……….

3 thoughts on “I’m back……….

  1. teri says:

    Wow. Nice work. I love the way you mounted it.

    Your back deck looks like my back yard. You know it’s deep when Kaiser has to leap to make a trail just so he can have a pee…..



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