Oh, So Busy!

Gray Felted FlowerJanuary is behind us and I can feel like doing something again. I always do things in January, but not as much as other months and it takes a lot more effort. January is for hibernating; the bears do it…  smart bears.

February! Now that is a month I can relate to. I’m well aware that winter still has many months to go, but the promise of spring seems more real. I’m also done recuperating from whatever foolish, hectic schedule I put myself through in December, and it may still be cold but I know (don’t anyone dare to burst my bubble here) that the worst is over.

Delusion is a grand thing  🙂

So, (rubbing my hands together in anticipation) time to get started on my goals for 2009.

Note! Resolutions are bad, no room for maneuvering. Goals are good, the whole idea just seems more flexible.

Goal #1 – spend more time on art.

Goal #2 – fire up my Etsy account again.      Done! I’ve been at it the last few days and have a few items listed, I’ll keep at is as fast as I can  a) dye, b) tweak photos, c) write descriptions. A peek…

German Blue Sock YarnLagoon Sock Yarn

Lagoon Silk Fabric


You can click on the images to go to the Etsy descriptions.

BTW – the photo at the top is a flelted flower I made at my Art Group’s meeting last month. Kay S showed us how to do these really beautiful little embellishments. Mine is about 3″ across and made from a felted (it was very worn out) fine gauge cashmere sweater. It made the yummiest flower  😉

Palindrome warp, being wovenOther goals? To weave more – another one I have launched into with the Palindrome warp I dyed last summer (find post here, scroll down) in work on my small loom. A simple, 4 shaft straight twill. Lovely, yes?

And a mention of my big weekend;

Knit Michigan is this Saturday (2/7/09) at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills, MI. It is a fiber event for knitters (and spinners and weavers) to raise money in Michigan for cancer research. I volunteer to teach a class every year (among a lot of classes) and I’m teaching Toe Options! this year. It will be a fun day and for the die-hard marathoners, a full day. Come visit and join the fun!

Deb H


Oh, So Busy!

2 thoughts on “Oh, So Busy!

  1. Hey Deb, I’ll be at Knit Michigan, too! Any chance you have an extra stock of Citric Acid Crystals I can buy from you there??? I’m dyeing a lot more now and running out. Yes or no, it will be great to see you Saturday.



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