Getting My Money’s Worth!

Mushroom Sweater YarnI have been knitting.

A lovely sweater in a cushy, soft, cozy yarn; the exact color of button mushrooms, that was a Christmas present from my two Darlings (DH, Jack & DD, Ashland) as I wanted a very cozy sweater for this very cold and snowy winter we are having. The yarn is Araunania Azapa; 30% alpaca, 45% merino, 15% silk, and 10% donegal. At about 12-1/2 stitches over 4 inches, it’s a quick and cushy knit.

Did I mention it was cozy and cushy?

First tryThis is what it looked like at the end of last week.

Knit in the round from the bottom up, this represents the front and back (both cabled). I had gotten as far as separating the front from the back and starting the armhole shaping. You will notice it is not on the needles. Yep! I tried it on and it was too big.

I have been frogging (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it).

The cables were also a bit large for the small size I need to make. Since I have been making up the pattern (from a photo) I felt that a little re-design was allowed.

I have been knitting.

2nd try.
This is what it looked like at the beginning of the week.

You noticed! It’s also not on the needles.


The side panels weren’t balanced, and…

detailJust a bit too much garter stitch for my taste.

I have been frogging (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it).

I now have started a third time. The sweater is about 3″ along and we’ll see if the third time is the charm.


If the cost of yarn is measured in hours of knitting pleasure you get from it. This yarn was a bargain!

Should I even mention the lucious cashmere/silk fingering weight, cabled hand warmers I had nearly finished knitting for DD when I tried them on and they were waaaayyyyy to large?

I have been frogging (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it).

No, we won’t even go there…

On the up-side, I did get some more hand dyed sock yarn and hand dyed silk fabric added to my Etsy Shop. At least I got something accomplish for all this activity  😉

Back to knitting,



Getting My Money’s Worth!

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