Pink RovingI’ve got my Cushy Mushroom Sweater knit up to the armholes – again. This time it all works and I’ll post a picture next week. It’s nice to have my knitting stay knitted.  😉   The same for the cashmere handwarmers for DD. Progress is being made, finally.

But it hasn’t been all re-knitting this week. I’ve been spinning a lovely Cormo blend of roving from my stash. In a very soft blue/gray and pink. It’s spinning up like a dream and simply lovely. I think it will grow up to be a two ply fingering weight yarn. I’ll decide what to make with it when I know what the final tally on yardage will be.

I know, those that know me are thinking PINK??????  I must have had my Mom in mind when I bought this – or maybe the softness and the yummy feel of the roving made me silly.

Pink SpinningOther progress involves my determination to get a bit more organized in my art supply room. This involves listing some of the books I still have from my (now closed) business on Amazon. to take a peak at my current offerings (not all books are listed yet – by far!) go to my Amazon Store Front or see the link on the side bar (under links, of course).

I’ve also decided (after purchasing the same books more than once (cringe) to organize my own (and hubby’s) library. Have you discovered The Library Thing? It is too cool, see the “peek” box in my side bar (scroll down).

More later, must knit…

Deb H


One thought on “Progress

  1. Hey Deb! You are one busy fiber gal. Congrats. Great work. Didn’t know you spun, too. Glad to see you are doing art quilt stuff, too. Thanks for the Art Quilt Knit Tote complement. Hugs!


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