Motivation and a Carrot


As I may have previously mentioned, my daughter has recently moved across the country from us. She landed in Portland, Oregon this week and is starting the job hunt process (need a well organized and creative administrative assistant, anyone)? We are originally from the Pacific Northwest and miss it greatly. Since leaving the area to follow work in the late 80’s, the plan has always been to find our way back there; jobs have just not cooperated. Worse case, we will return when DH retires in a few years. Having my only kid (and buddy) beat me to it, has increased the motivational factor tenfold.


Then, to add a “carrot” to her Mom’s incentive, the week before she left she painted me a T-shirt to remind me of Seattle.

Ashland in her Gypsy Garb
Ashland in her Gypsy Garb

Thank the Powers That Be for e-mail, Instant Messaging, and unlimited minutes on our cell phones!  🙂

Deb H

Motivation and a Carrot

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