Busy Week!

Scarlet Zebra Fiber Arts is becoming Sea Air Arts!

Me, most of the time!
Me, most of the time!

This has been a busy week. I finally made the decision to change my Blog/business name. You will find the full explanation on my About Me page. For the short version – it boils down to a conflict in name usage; there is another SZ! I have set up a new Etsy shop (still empty) and a new Ravelry ID (still bare). I have (with the new name) joined Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. I’m not sure how much I will use all of these, they may be just ways to point people to my Blog and Etsy — we’ll see.

Meanwhile, watch the changes slowly come and don’t worry – my SZ URL, my old Etsy and my old Ravelry (see links in side bar) will still work for quite some time.

Speedy, I’m not  😉

Deb H

Busy Week!

One thought on “Busy Week!

  1. Oh I’ve always loved Scarlet Zebra as your business name — sad to see it go. But don’t worry, I’ll still be watching you create beautiful art, no matter what your name is!

    I’m also playing with Twitter…you can figure out how to find me if you want. Not sure how long I’ll keep doing it — it just seems like such a hassle to have ONE MORE place to post and respond to posts. Maybe I’m just too old for some of this crap – LOL!


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