Sleep? What’s Sleep?

My poor, neglected Blog. But I have been busy!


I spent all last week at Fabrications in Kalamazoo, Michigan becoming a famous fiber artist.

Art + Quilt

Well, a girl can dream! I took a five day workshop with Lyric Kinard (I have her new book in my hands as I type – tricky, that – and it’s fabulous!) learning The Elements of Art. Give me a couple of more months and I’ll knock your socks off!

But don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to knit more  😉 (socks).

If  you have been reading my Blog, you know all about the best Fiber Art Retreat in all of Michigan (and several other states). It was the best 5 days of art, fabric, wine, friends, more art, wine, excellent food, colorful fabric, music, wine…

Did I mention wine?


So we did really cool things to fabric and had a generally great time. We did not sleep much but I guess a week of creative exuberance is a sufficient substitute  😉


About my class; it was pretty much based on Lyric’s new book “Art + Quilt” (pictured above). For this ol’ ducky who has had very little formal art training, it was perfect. I absorb art and art knowledge in bits and pieces and odd places; reading books and magazines, watching videos, taking workshops aimed at fiber art, hobnobbing with artists, staring at artwork of all kinds, and playing with color,  fabric and yarn.

 4 days of learning
4 days of learning

To work through exercises on texture, shape, line, color and value made it clear to me that I had the knowledge, I just couldn’t control it. I now feel like I have the gift of (at least some) control. Knowledge is power they say. This is true for artistic endeavors as well. I now have the power to know why some of my pieces are triumphs and some are, well…

dismal disasters.


I know my weak spot (value) and to watch for it. I know my strong point (color) and will aim to capitalize on it. Although I even learned new stuff about color and I thought I had that one nailed. I learned about unity, focal point, balance, motion, rhythm (doesn’t that word look like it needs to buy a vowel?), how the eye travels through a piece.

All good stuff!!


I even learned about “seeing” in daily drawing exercises. That was tough! I’m the girl who dropped out of college Drawing 101 when my art teacher would not let me use my triangles, straight edge, and scale to draw a leaf. I had a nervous breakdown! I still can’t draw but at least I will try – progress 🙂

I learned about kicking the muse in the boot, finding inspiration when it’s being illusive, storing ideas for when inspiration is coming too fast and furious.

I learned about critiquing; our work and others.

New work started
New work started

I learned about my own creative nature. And I started a new work that I’m excited to explore!

Lyric teaching us
Lyric teaching us

The workshop was soooo fabulous. And so is her book. A must have for anyone who does not have that MFA after their name.

My cup is full.

Deb H

Sleep? What’s Sleep?

One thought on “Sleep? What’s Sleep?

  1. This is the absolute best review – what a lovely thing to happen upon.
    The retreat setting is an absolute dream – stimulating – enlightening! To have an entire week to work intensely is a gift. You truly do have the power!


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