Book Review Saturday

Does this mean that every Saturday I’ll write a book review? Ha! I should be so disciplined. It really means that I’m doing one of the many book reviews I’ve been intending (on which I am way behind) and that it just happens to be a Saturday and the book title was too long for the post title. Clear as mud?

Because I am a book junkie, a sock knitting junkie, and teach the occasional sock knitting class, I am frequently asked about my opinions of sock books. I always approach new sock knitting books with caution. Does the world really need another one, it seems there have been so many lately. But being a woman of infinite opinions, I’m always happy to share them 😉

Today’s Special;


Knitting More Circles Around Socks: Two at a Time, Toe Up or Cuff Down ” by Antje Gillingham

If  “Knitting Circles Around Socks: Knit Two at a Time on Circular Needles” by Antje Gillingham, can be classified as SKOC (Sock Knitting on Circulars) 101, then her new book “Knitting More Circles Around Socks: Two at a Time, Toe Up or Cuff Down” would be SKOC 201.

“More” is a stand alone book that does not require you to have purchased the first book. It has all the same good basic sock information and how too start instructions as the first book; terminology, measuring for fit, gauge swatching, and a handy size chart that gives you all the needed measurements for each standard shoe size – ideal for gift knitting!

The text is littered with good, clear hand drawn illustrations for all techniques needed in this book in the Knitting Basics section. Many of the techniques are different from the first book as different techniques are used in this collection of patterns.

The Sock Basics section is new and a very good primer to read before starting your first sock pattern. Read it! Your sock knitting experience will be sweeter for it (that goes for any knitting book), and this is a fabulous addition.

The Basic Woman’s Cuff Down Sock pattern (the first pattern in the book) is the same as in her first book. Her photo illustrations of casting-on and setting up for two-at-a-time is very good and she gives lots of great tips for cast-on success.

All that is in the first 28 pages. Now, the really good stuff (more?) starts. There are three more cuff-down socks that are inventive. I love bobbles, slips are new to me but (now) on my “must try” list. The third is a basic sock for kids; wonderful as it covers infant to age 12. There are eight patterns for toe-up socks (my own personal favorite). Again, her techniques are well illustrated with photographs. Another good kid’s basic pattern is added and the following are all fresh designs and a just a wee bit more challenging than those in her first book. The information you need is all there and very understandable without being “dumbed down”.

As a fanatical two-at-a-time on one (or two) needle sock knitter for the last few years, I have to say “I’m impressed”. Job well done Antje, just don’t ask me to pronounce your name.

Deb H

Book Review Saturday

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