Silly Fun!

Knitting socks for the Fairy Folk is just silly fun – but I really like to do it! And I’m sure their tiny little feet appreciate it too  ;o)

Tofutsie Fairy Sock
Tofutsie Fairy Sock

I had included a free pattern for my easy Fairy Sock in the December 2009 PHAT Fibers box with a note that for more detailed instructions, they were to go to a certain web page. To all the PHAT Fiber box recipients who tried this, I apologize profusely!!! I could not figure out how to make a private page. I have published it here, under my “Free Patterns” section (see side bar) and made it accessible to all my Blog readers instead.


Deb H

PS – I’ve got the whole private page thing figured out now (I think), but hugs to everyone anyway  🙂

Silly Fun!

3 thoughts on “Silly Fun!

  1. LindaK says:

    Boy, you’re really trying to entice me to pick up the needle aren’t you! LOL. I can only knit rows i.e. scarf and not very well…maybe someday.


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