Sharing My Studio

I’m usually in my studio by myself when I’m working. It’s quiet and conducive to good concentration but sometimes too quiet.

Shadow 1
Such a Regal profile

Meet my new studio buddy and constant companion. We named her Shadow, as in sewn to my heels like a…

We adopted a Rescue Shelter dog; a Husky mix that is probably about 2-1/2 years old. She is sweet, lovable, and pretty well behaved. We’ve had her two weeks today and I’m sooo smitten with my new buddy. I will confess that the first few days had it’s ups and downs as the whole Alpha Dog thing was sorted out (I won), but it was fairly minor.

Besides being a great companion, she has proven to be a good studio partner. She sleeps at my feet and makes a natural obstacle course. 😉  She is a good listener and thinks all my ideas are brilliant! She does not freak out when I use the ban saw or the shop vac.

Shadow 2
Such a sweet face!

And isn’t this the most beautiful face?

Deb H

Sharing My Studio

5 thoughts on “Sharing My Studio

  1. Linda K says:

    Deb, she’s a beauty. Does she also help add to the fiber content of your spinning? My cats seem to think that nothing is finished until a sprinkling of fur has been added.


    1. Yes Linda, she adds to my “Fiber” stash, in more ways than one I’m hoping. Her downy undercoat looks spin-able if I can just get enough collected!


  2. Char McHugh says:

    Hey Deb –

    Shadow is beautiful! She has such an awesome face, so sweet yet a little inquisitive. Almost like she thinks there is a puzzle to solve. I have been sort of looking for a dog but really want to wait until I retire so I can be with it full time.

    I finally gave Jennie her b-day buttons. She loves them, now to find the right thing to put them on. She and her 17 year old son got back from India a couple of weeks ago and she emailed today that the fabric she bought and shipped from there has arrived. I’m hoping she might be able to combine the two, otherwise it will probably be somethng knit. Pics to follow once they are used.


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