Organic Organizing and Magic

the passion flower on my porch
the passion flower on my porch

I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time this last month on organizing, my brain as well as my spaces. It has finally sunk in to me that all the adorable organizing containers in the world will not get the work done if I don’t know what needs to be done next. There are so many things I want to do; several mixed media art pieces that are still just great ideas, my button catalog that seems to be taking forever, the novel that I’d love to write someday… the list is enormous. I also realize that this is the bane of most creative personalities.

I’ve decided I need a more organic approach, hence my search for the perfect task organizer. Will it be Toodledo, Evernote, or The Action Method? The last one actually looks the most intuitive but the price tag is holding me back.

Or is the real need to train my work processes, thought processes, habits? Here is my current reading list (just started these) Getting Things Done by David Allen, Making It All Work, also by David Allen, and Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky. Which will be the magic sword that slays the beast? All of them? None of them? What works for you? I’m sure I’m not the only creative type that occasionally feels like I’m trying to bail out the Titanic.

A magic typewriter that will release the trapped novel
A magic typewriter that will release the trapped novel

Yet in the midst of overwhelm there is also excitement – the feeling that great things are on the horizon, change is coming, change for more productivity. I’m always the eternal optimist  😉

I get a “Museletter” from Laura Cater-Woods and she always has at least one thing in there that usually strikes me as profound. Today’s quote is “Helpful hint: Take a few minutes every day to be still and quiet, ask yourself: What is the most important thing I can do today? Then do it.”

Am I trying too hard? Can it be so simple? Thanks Laura!

Deb H

Organic Organizing and Magic

3 thoughts on “Organic Organizing and Magic

  1. Deb,

    I’ve stopped buying any books on organizing methods. I’ve been following woman who ties flies for fishing who also has a huge following for her “getting things done” website. She focuses mostly the household but I just adapt it to work. Some of my favorite sayings of hers are: “You are not behind” and “You can do anything for 15 minutes”. She takes the guilt away and offers supportive, motherly recommendations. Helped me more than anyone else.

    And, thanks for the Micetsy note!



    1. You are soooo right, Glenda! I should have mentioned her as years ago I started following Fly Lady at and her system is the basis for how I get anything done now. I have systems and rituals that get me through the mundane chores, thanks to her. I know I can accomplish any project if I do it in 15 minutes chunks and I make myself *see* how much I have accomplished and not just dwell on how much is left to do. I confess I haven’t followed her in ages because she is a wee bit soppy (purple puddles? I ask you) but now that you reminded me of her, I’ll go back and explore her site for a refresher course! Thanks :o)


  2. profound? me? oh my.
    Y’know it usually feels like i am talking to myself, just trying to balance the day. A few years ago it seemed easier.
    The Fly Lady thing is great for household type stuff and lateral application: short time spans, a repeating routine, starting where you are. (but I just dropped the emails, too much verbal clutter in a too busy day .) The application of this sort of system to a creative life? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.
    What organizational system fits or adapts to the wide variety of tasks we encounter? hmmm… a museletter topic?


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