Podcasts Are Addictive!

Podcasts are mini “radio” shows that you can download (for free) to your computer through a multitude of possible sites (mostly free as well) including the iTunes web site (also free and for Windows or MAC). They can then be played on your computer or downloaded to your MP3 player (such as an iPod or iTouch).

podcasts on iTouch
podcasts on iTouch

Some even have video.

Back in my college and post college days, it was considered the epitome of intellectual cool to have NPR (National Public Radio) going all day on one of their “talk” radio stations. You could listen to all kinds of discussions on all kinds of things from how to tune your carburetor to what is the meaning of life. There wasn’t a subject that was not touched on at some point and there were true nuggets of profound wisdom as well as a few items of, well… let’s just call them what they were; doo-doo. But NPR is fabulous and until we moved to our current location where there is no worthwhile radio reception (grrrr), I listened to it all the time, admittedly in recent years, to mostly the classical music stations.

Fast forward to last Christmas when I got an iTouch (like an iPhone without the phone or camera but a screamin’ little pda, got that?) and discovered iTunes and podcasts. It’s like having the best of all those NPR shows at your ear’s beck and call. You can listen to only those things that interest you, there are podcasts for knitters, spinners, weavers, quilters, photographers, graphic artists, visual artists, writers, chefs, and a ton more things I haven’t explored. When do I have time to listen? While in my studio; knitting, weaving, dying, sewing, painting, beading, wire wrapping, or fusing. While I’m driving to and from work (an hour each way). A hint here; do not try to watch video casts while driving šŸ˜‰ No, I haven’t tried it. Even I can figure out some things are not a good idea. So, here are a few of my favorites (not in any particular order) or that I am currently sampling. I would love to here from you as to which you have found worth listening to.

Knitting related;

Sticks and Strings with David Reidy – he has such a luscious accent.

Knitmore Girls with Jasmin and Gigi

Stitch It! with Meghan


Weave Cast with Syne Mithcell

Crafting, Art, and crafting as a business;

Craft Cast with Alison Lee

Craft Sanity with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood

Craftypod with Sister Diane

Writing and being a writer (Iā€™m dreaming of retirement; o)

The Secrets Podcast by Michael A Stackpole

I Should be Writing with Mur Lafferty

American Writer

Odyssey SF/F Writing

Quick and Dirty Tips: Grammar Girl

That is just the tip of the iceburg that resides on my iTouch.

Want to learn how to take better pictures? Need some help with PhotoShop? Want to learn more about Art in general? Managing your finances? If you are curious about something, there is a podcast for that! Yes, and an App too

I will post this list to my “My Links Page” http://blog.seaairarts.com/links-to-places-i-love/ on the sidebar.

As you can tell I have a long list of ones that I have found (so far) and listen to somewhat regularly. There is also a noticeable lack in some areas. The missing subjects (and a hint for someone who has been wanting to start their own podcast) seem to be in Art Quilting or Surface Design, there is only one Weaving podcast (though it is fabulous!), and glass fusing.

All of this and more is easily subscribed to through iTunes, my podcast culling device of choice, mostly because its easy and I’m lazy – true confessions!

Deb H

Updated – yea, the one post I leave up for several months has the worst spelling errors in history – fixed now and my apolgies Ā :o0

Podcasts Are Addictive!

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