Tale of a Really Bad Blogger

Handwoven Coverlet, Circa 1900
Handwoven Coverlet, Circa 1900

What defines a bad blogger? Is it [a] someone who fails to post for months on end? [b] Someone who drivels on about the most mundane aspects of everyday life, “I had to sweep the floor again today, so dusty!” just because they have decided they will post every day, no matter what? [c] Someone who expounds on their world view with such vehemence and conviction that anyone who does not agree with them is evil? or [d] Someone who shares their creativity with the world even when it’s a little lame and not great or prolific? I suppose at some point I would have said “all of the above”. I’ve just decided (so I can get over it and get back to the real reason I started this blog in the first place) that only B & C qualify.

For me.        Today.           After all, D was pretty much my reason to exist.

Baby Alligator
Cute Baby Alligator

So, I could drivel (there is that word again) on about all the reason’s I haven’t blogged since early August but that would bore both of us so here is the short list (just ‘cuz some reasons are cool).

I’m learning to use my new computer, I’ve moved to being a Mac girl from being a PC girl, the learning curve is slowing me down but ooooohhhhhh sooooooo worth it.

Minor directional shifts in my focus and trying to get that all figured out. I’ll blog about it more as I do get it all figured out  😉

I’ve traveled a fair amount this fall and been having too much fun playing!

Strutting Peacock
Strutting Peacock

To Business! You probably have noticed the fabulous new look of my site! I’ve had my wonderful site host, Gloria Hansen, design a new banner and look for my Blog as well as a matching banner for my Etsy Shop. I love how I can send a bunch of photos of my stuff to Gloria and she waves her magic digital wand over them and they become a really nice new look here. I’m sure it’s not that easy but pretty cool, huh? Thanks Gloria – I love it!

Loon in Marsh
Loon in Marsh

I also have more changes coming to this site when I get my act together. I’ll announce them here (of course) and you won’t have to go far to explore them. I’ve also gotten a good idea from one of the many (many, many, many) podcasts that I listen to about content for the the Blog. I’ll try to start posting Inspirations and Discoveries. These will be links to sites that I have stumbled over during my net cruising, blog perusing, newsletters, or Podcasts that I thought were worth sharing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Just a sample for today, I’ve got a long to-do list!


Beach Glass by David Castle, water color
Beach Glass by David Castle, water color

Meet artist David Castle. I love his water colors, especially the “Elementals”. While looking at them I could actually hear my blood start to hum. Very weird, that. But my reason for going there in the first place was his marketing idea that I thought was brilliant. It was mentioned in this Blog post from Alyson B Stanfield; ArtBiz Coach. Then, on his home page, he is selling “shares” to his next artistic sojourn. Quite novel!

Photos: all the photos were taken by me on my mid-August trip to Charleston, South Carolina – it was a blast! The art image is linked from the artist’s web site, go see the rest of his work!

Deb H

Tale of a Really Bad Blogger

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