A New Year, A New Goal

A new Year, a new start…

Will I be better at blogging this year? I hope so, only time will tell. I do miss it, and the longer you are away from it the harder it is to get back to it. Little stupid thoughts start stalking you like “nobody wants to see that” or “who cares about that?” or “that’s just too stupid to put out there”.

Yea, stupid, now you know I can be too. So, my solution is to blog anyway, since I’m not running for President I can get away with a little stupid. Blogging helps me realize I am making progress, without it there is little measurability. So…  blog on!

I have been quite busy over the last year. I’ll give you glimpses of my recent history in the next few posts – just ignore the obvious point of my seriously lacking focus  😉

Loom Trap detail
Loom Trap detail

This post is for Clara who wanted to see the “trap” modification to my little table loom. Hubby created a tray that attaches to the front of my small loom to hold my shuttles for me (called a trap). It turned out fabulous and does the job admirably.

Loom Trap
Loom Trap

Weaving is much nicer when you don’t have to keep jumping up to retrieve your shuttle off the floor – again.

I’ve finished spinning the yarn I gave an in-progress report on here and it turned out lovely!

Grey & pink handspun
Grey & pink handspun

I haven’t made anything with it yet, I’m letting it “age” like a fine wine!

So now I’m carding up some dog hair to spin.

carding dog hair
Carding dog hair, 70% Husky/30% Merino

When you have a husky that sheds at the speed of light, it’s a survival skill.

Deb H

A New Year, A New Goal

3 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Goal

  1. Your blog posts are never stupid. You are so talented, I look forward to seeing what you have to say. I can’t wait to see what you spin up with the dog hair, I’ve always been very curious about that!


    1. Thanks Lynn, as an artist you know how those little voices (poisonous green toads) can creep up on you. I guess I just need to turn the music up louder and drown them out! The dog hair is a ‘spare time’ project and no real goal in mind there, just for fun so it may take a few months (years) ;o)


  2. LindaK says:

    Glad to see you’re back. You’ve been missed! You can make a new pair of dragon paws with your husky wool. If it keeps the husky warm, just imagine how warm you’ll be.

    I need to do a little blog updating myself. I haven’t posted anything since the pee conversation with my hubby.

    Oh, the “steampunk-ish” doll is pretty much completed. That was a bunch-o-fun. However, the challenge doll has been re-thunk, re-worked, and contemplated to the point I’m really beginning to dislike her. She feels like nothing that came from me. She may show up to the next meeting nekkid and faceless…and an entirely new doll.


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