The Pinterest Controversy

Updated 3-27-2012

I am delighted to report that Pinterest has shown an impressive willingness to address the concerns of Pinterest users and Artists in ¬†quickly responding with a change in their Terms Of Service and working on some programming changes that will help with the copyright issues that were making some of us so nervous. Kudos to Pinterest and thanks for your quick response. I look forward to seeing the improvements implemented in your programming soon. Meanwhile, all Pinterest users can make sure that the community is kept healthy and vibrant by abiding by some simple Pinning etiquette; Get permission for pinning from an artist’s web site (hint, if they have a Pinterest Pin button on their site it’s a pretty safe bet it’s OK). Make sure that the URL for the Pin’s source is attached to the Pin in an obvious way. And lastly, never Re-Pin but go to the source to Pin something you like.

Making these simple steps a habit will make the Pinterest community a win-win for everyone.   Thanks for a great site Pinterest!

Dear Pinterest
Dear Pinterest

The whole controversy over Pinterest and the rampant copyright violations that are happening have made me feel soooo guilty about what happens to something I pin after the fact. Repinning makes it almost impossible for the link to the source and the creator’s credit to remained attached to the pin. So, after a few sleepless nights, I have responded with the “Pin” above.

How has this controversy effected you?

Deb H

The Pinterest Controversy

4 thoughts on “The Pinterest Controversy

  1. LindaK says:

    This controversy hasn’t really affected me at all because I think I’m the only person that hasn’t joined the site. I’ve seen various “pins” posted to facebook, but I don’t know what you do with them. Is it to just look at other peoples stuff? It sounds like things are getting shared that weren’t really meant to be shared willy-nilly with the general public. I’m so confused….


  2. Charlene McHugh says:

    I keep getting random people popping up saying that I am following, when clearly, if you know me,you would realize it’s way out of my area of interest. I keep trying to delete them but have as yet not been successful. I hope pinterst post earlier this weekend will bring an end to your problem, mine I don’t think so.


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