A New Year

The holidays are about wrapped up and the “looking forward to a productive New Year” thing I always do is starting. It’s hard to focus too much on the work to come as we are still having a wonderful holiday! Our daughter is home for THREE WHOLE WEEKS (shouting and dancing).

altered photo
My beautiful daughter

I’m reveling in having her here, she is such a creative person and my brain goes into creativity overload when she is around. She heads back to Seattle next week and I will have to dive into my plans for the year and get started with a vengeance so I won’t pout after she is gone.

There has been some serious play with yarn and some serious play with glass and fire. I hope I can show you peeks of the developing projects over the next few months.

Meanwhile, I hope you have all had as great a holiday season as I’ve had and make awesome plans for 2013 – it’s going to be great!  :o)

Deb H

PS – the photo above is an older photo of Ashland that I played with in Popsicolor (an iPad App).

A New Year

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