When Good Art Potential Goes Bad

So, as I said in my last post, I was having the most awesome week at QSDS (Quilt Surface Design Symposium). I took the Fran Skiles class called Painting, Printing & Collage with Paper & Fabric. No, nothing to do with quilting but everything to do with art!

my design board
Beginning to add elements

— Aside to Ashland; seriously run-on sentences ahead, proceed with caution 😉

After texturizing, gesso-ing (is that a verb?) and mark making on canvas (see my last post), I spent Tuesday finding and making more elements, then adding them to my canvases.  I had six up on my design wall but seemed to be concentrating on three for the day.

Not so great!
Not so great!

To the first one I added text (the opening paragraph to Pride and Prejudice), photos, and some graphics… Things weren’t going real well.

Color run amuck
Color run amuck

On the second one, I had chosen spirals as my theme. The photo of a spiral fern did not help things so I tried to fix it. The colors were starting to turn garish.

Not enough coffee!
Not enough coffee!

This one was worked on before I had enough coffee in me, hence the coffee bean theme developing. It still looked like the grounds in the bottom of the pot – yucky!

As luck would have it, my memory card in my camera decided to take Wednesday off. This means you are spared photos of the downhill rush to total doo-doo that these three pieces took after this point. In my defense, this is a medium and approach that I have done little with and the free-wheeling spontaneity that collage and paint allow (as opposed to cutting and sewing an art quilt which forces you to slow down and ponder your next move more thoroughly) is both exhilarating and a dangerous cliff edge to disaster. Hence my fall.

But I was still in love with the potential of the process and I even learned a few things at lunch break.

iPad camera and PhotoBooth - who knew?
iPad camera and PhotoBooth – who knew?

Like how to use a feature of the camera on my iPad I didn’t even know I had (PhotoBooth and the Thermal filter – cool!) A quick shot out the window of the lunchroom.

Licorice & Brrrr-y work table
Licorice & Brrrr-y work table

Or the Popsicolor app on my iPad which I used to tweak this photo of my work table in the classroom.

Like a child who just wants attention – I had so much fun on Tuesday and Wednesday that I guess even Bad Art is better than No Art! Unless you have to look at it 🙂

Deb H

PS – next post I reveal my radical solution.

When Good Art Potential Goes Bad

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