Organizing, Time Management and Productivity – Organizing Stuff

Controlling the stuff you use to create is a challenge. Probably the only creative that doesn’t have this issue would be a writer. After all, they only need a really good laptop and printer (or two or three). Oh, and 834 notebooks and blank books, also the 167 really cool pens that they need for the 167 types of writing that they do. Oh yea! And really good printer papers, several types…   (right Ashland)?

A creative's toolbox, sketchbooks and notebooks
A creative’s toolbox, sketchbooks and notebooks

My point is, if you are a creative person, you have stuff. Stuff that multiplies in the dark when no one is looking. My friend Lynn K has just been through the process of controlling her stuff, with the help of a professional. She took us along for the ride with a series of Blog posts that are a great read with some helpful information. She tamed two rooms, her ‘warehouse’ and her studio. I went through a similar process last summer but without the professional help (I was not brave enough to post about it). And I’m glad to say my ‘warehouse’, the room that stores most of my supplies and inventory for the fiber stuff, is still organized! To celebrate it’s having been conquered I put a sign over the door that says “Warehouse 13 (annex)”, a nod to my favorite TV series.

– Tesla’d!

I wish I could say the same about my studios but they have totally different issues. I guess that’s my next learning curve.

Warehouse 13 (annex), the store house for creative exploration
Warehouse 13 (annex), the store house for creative exploration

I’ve been on a mission for the last year or two (or more!) to Conquer (last year’s word) my stuff, spaces, time and focus. A bit obsessed, really. Because of a lack of the last (focus), it’s been slow going. But I’ve been making great strides on even that one lately, yea me! But, back to staying organized in the warehouse. Lynn listed her “Stash Management Commandment List”, her weapon to stay in control. It’s a great one that is hard to improve upon. But some of my secret weapons have been; using drawers instead of tubs to store fabric, yarn and other stash treasures. If I have to shuffle large tubs or re-stack them, I won’t.

Fabric Storage, when it's full I can't have anymore (until something goes).
Fabric Storage, when it’s full I can’t have anymore (until something goes).

Because I have two work tables in there for doing the things that need to be done, I have to resist the urge to ‘dump’ stuff when I’m in a hurry or I haven’t a clue what to do with it. My solution is one tub, lidless, just inside the door. Every two weeks or when the tub is full I put everything in it away. The big surprise here? Most of it goes from the tub to the Goodwill box. I guess I don’t want it bad enough to find a home for it or to part with something I already have to make room for it. Yes, the room is full and not allowed to overflow. Period.

This is my Commandment List;

A home for everything and everything in it’s home
Like items together
Something In, Something Out
Make sure it is easy to put it away
I don’t need multiples
If I don’t love it, it is gone

So far, it is working for me.

Congratulations on a huge achievement Lynn.

Deb H

PS – Don’t think of your stash as a hoarders’ guilty secret. It is a treasure trove of creative inspiration. Don’t do guilt.

Organizing, Time Management and Productivity – Organizing Stuff

6 thoughts on “Organizing, Time Management and Productivity – Organizing Stuff

  1. I think I’ve finally reached your conclusion about the drawers vs the tubs. Even though mine are small, It would be easier to take out a drawer than to take out the container and reshuffle stuff.


    1. The drawers come in several sizes. They tend to be more expensive but in the long run, don’t get replaced frequently by “something better” so I guess it all works out in the end ;o)


    1. Thanks Lisa – years of trial and error went into those rules and I know they won’t be the solution for everyone but f I share, someone might find them useful.


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