The Sweater That Tried To Take Over The Kingdom

Remember this? It’s a sweater for my Mom. She wanted a simple, v-neck, belted, wrap sweater (similar to one I knit for myself in the 70’s) to wear in the fall and spring. “Sure, easy!”

Mom's Sweater - ripping
Mom’s Sweater – ripping

Did those words ever come true? For any one? Sigh.

The saga so far;
In this post, I talked about trying to knit it with an unknown pattern and a knitting machine – both were a disaster. After ripping it out multiple times, I sent the finished sweater to Mom, knowing it was too small across the front. The pattern had a few issues, it had pencil wide fronts, for a wrap sweater. Oy.

When I got it back I ripped it completely out and started over with an Ann Budd top-down pattern and knit it by hand (posted here). All went well, it was all done except for the final sleeve and hem length. Wanting to make sure of them before I finished it, I took it with me to Seattle last month and tried it on her. It was a bit snug around the middle and needed to wrap more. OK, I ripped back to the under arm and did the math to add about 4″.

Apparently, I can’t do math. Having reached the hem (again), I had managed to add 10 inches to the waist. It was a friggin’ tent.

Sulk. Rip, rip, rip…

You’ll get it eventually Mom, really you will.

It. Will. Not. Beat. Me.

To be clear, I was just disgusted with my own lack of knitting savoir-faire. It’s still lovely yarn to knit with and I’m still knitting (which is what I really like doing) so no harm done – other than putting off my next project a little longer  😉

Deb H

The Sweater That Tried To Take Over The Kingdom

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