Stony Creek Beads – Yum!

As most of you know, I’m a button junkie. But I’m also a button snob. Yes, just add it to my list; button snob, yarn snob, fabric snob, bead snob Sigh. I guess I’m just a hopeless snob.

Back to my button obsession. I had been frustrated by the buttons available in stores for decades. When I put tons of work and expensive fabric or yarn in a garment or accessory, I want buttons to be the crowning finish, not just a plastic afterthought to hold it closed (I told you I was a snob). I would comb through trade shows and specialty shops for the right buttons, just to come back, too often, disappointed. I decided to make my own when polymer clay became a big thing, way back when – but alas, my results were not to my satisfaction. Then my DH started playing with hot glass. Wow! The colors, the contrast of glass on fiber…

Glass buttons, ready for the kiln
Glass buttons, ready for the kiln

I nagged him to make me fused glass buttons, he did. I loved them! I begged for more. Then more. And more. He generously offered to show me how to make them myself (a survival tactic I suspect). But after my first batch, I. Was. Hooked. The magic that happens when glass is exposed to heat is, well, magic! Sometimes the results are a complete surprise, changing color in the kiln. It’s as exciting as pulling yarn from a dye pot.

Yes, it’s been said I’m easily entertained.

So, the result is that I make a lot of buttons. I sell them on Etsy and at a few shows, and now in some great Independent shops. The latest to join my list is the wonderful bead shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan ~ Stoney Creek Beads. If you are in the greater Detroit or Ann Arbor area, and have a penchant  for sparkly things, you should check them out. They have some of the most wonderful beads, along with glass lamp-worked beads by local artists, ever. And the owners are a delight to visit with!

A bracelet of buttons
A bracelet of buttons

Why a bead shop, you wondered? Glad you asked, have you noticed the trend to use buttons to clasp bead necklaces and bracelets instead of boring ol’ toggles? Glass buttons are perfect for it  🙂

So, thank you Jenn & Sue for carrying my fused glass buttons.

Deb H

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Stony Creek Beads – Yum!

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