A New Year, A New Plan

Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates it today! For those of us who do, it’s traditionally a time for reflection on the past year (or 3 or 4) and thoughts of what the next year will bring. The later always has overtones of hope and anticipation, at least for me. I love to dream about what might be (if I’m super woman and well-organized). My dreams always exceed reality and the realm of physical possibilities but, that aside, I enjoy the dreaming. In dreaming, magic is possible.

New Year represents magical possibilities
A New Year represents magical possibilities – photo curtesy of FreeFever

I’m a pursuer of organizational magic. I’m always searching for ways to make me more organized, and therefore more productive. I have lists galore, I’ve tested every possible way to organize my “stuff”. I’ve learned a lot, but I’m not an organized guru (sigh).

One of the practices I’ve participated in over the years has been the habit of New Years Resolutions. Not so effective I found, to make a list of things to accomplish. When I didn’t finish them I felt like a looser. So I tried picking goals instead – closer, but my goals were too lofty or vague and not attained. There was also the feeling that I had to “finish” my goal or it didn’t count. My next effort was to choose a Word for the year. This is a popular practice amongst my Art Quilt cohorts. Ah, a much better approach!

Words have the power to change your world
Words have the power to change your world

But last year I started thinking of my word for the year as my Theme for the year. It’s pretty much the same thing but feels like a more accurate description of the process. No pressure to finish a list or goal, just the commitment to work on improving or making progress on a theme. A theme is not just a word, but a concept; a word with a little more focus.

Last year my Theme was Progress. With a sign on my wall, mirror, cupboard, and door, where I’d see it several times every day, I did make Progress. I made more progress than ever before in reaching one of my goals (I built a real website, I took my fused glass buttons wholesale, I finished several personal projects, and I got (and kept) more “stuff” organized). I should probably interject that I limited my goals to a very short list. Another thing I’ve learned the hard way is that a long list of goals is certain death – at least to reaching any of them. Also, everything takes at least ten times longer to accomplish than I honestly thought it would  :-0  But, Progress was made, and a lot of it (for me). So, the whole theme thing worked!


This year’s theme is Systems. I need to get some Systems and routines in place for taking care of production, order processing and accounting practices. All of these Systems will help the work-flow go more smoothly, efficiently, and accurately. Leaving more time for creativity. Well, that’s the plan.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2014? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Deb H

A New Year, A New Plan

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