Juggling Projects, Staying Sane

So, when you have a million different interests, hundreds of subjects that grab your attention and make you want to dig deeper, tens of creative interests that you pursue, and projects that are mountainous and many – how do you stay sane, juggle it all and, most importantly, get anything done? Oy!

My Bohemian Sweater, a little artsy, a little random
My Bohemian Sweater, a little artsy, a little random

Pick and choose.

From Louet's pattern "Harmony"
From Louet’s pattern “Harmony”

Not in a life-long-committment sort of way, that would never work for someone who is scared to death of missing something. But sometimes I just have to say to myself “This week (day, month) I will focus on this one thing, and this one thing only. The rest can wait until next week (day, month).” I can do anything if I know there is a (reasonable) time limit to it. It’s those open-ended limitations I can’t cope with. “I will work on designing and building the worlds first fusion power generator until I find the solution, and work on that only, abandoning my interest in breeding killer earthworms for the rest of my life.” Yea, that generator would get derailed by day 3.

Bohemian Sweater, neck detail
Bohemian Sweater, neck detail

My Bohemian Sweater was a project that kept getting put aside for other things. I finally made it a top priority project and concentrated on it with a firm deadline in mind and a determination to finish it. I really wanted to wear it! The pattern is an older Louet pattern called Harmony that has been in my knitting queue for years. To be honest, the color changes and number of ends to weave in was a stumbling block for me. Then I found Stonehedge Crazy .

Stonehedge Crazy - their story
Stonehedge Crazy – their story

The perfect yarn and the perfect solution! Spun from mill ends grabbed at random, this yarn never has any two skeins the same. The colors are not carefully planned out and grouped to make a pleasing combination, they are random. And it works. The yarn is so fun to knit with, each row is an adventure. This sweater was also a very rare knitting experience for me in that I did not rip it back (or out) and re-knit it several times. Once through. Really. I just followed the pattern (also rare) and it all worked.

fused glass button, one of 5 mis-matched for the Bohemian Sweater
fused glass button, one of 5 mis-matched for the Bohemian Sweater

And, I’m a button maker. Part of that results in random single buttons that were experiments. I have a small (snort) jar of these hanging around. I decided that a sweater made out of random yarn needed random buttons so there are 5 totally mis-matched fused glass buttons to finish it off. I got to wear it about three times before the weather got too warm. It fits great and I love it – a total success. You can see it on my Ravelry page.

Detail of attached grosgrain button band and backing button
Detail of attached grosgrain button band and backing button

This was a project that hit the “I will work on this, and only this for one week” list.

See, even I can get things done sometimes  😉

Deb H

And just in case I didn’t use the word enough – random!

Art-scale Your Wearables
one button at a time…



Juggling Projects, Staying Sane

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