A Summer of Change

I love summers. I seem to think they are for shaking things up and creating a little bit of change. One of the things I’ve been working on this summer is a bit of re-branding.

SAA LogoAllowing Sea Air Arts to focus on buttons – fused glass, of course!
I’ve been tweaking the website for a slightly new look and will write my future button related blog posts there. I’m also fine tuning the SeaAirArts Etsy shop to focus on fused glass buttons.

ASC LogoCreating A Scattered Creative to allow my creative side a little more freedom of speech  😉 A place to show off my other creative pursuits and explore being a multiple media creative/maker. My future blog posts on that journey will be found on that website. I also will be moving the other things I make to sell to my new AScatteredCreative Etsy shop. Things like knitting patterns, handwoven scarves, hand dyed fabric and yarn, and jewelry. The things I usually sell at the local crafts shows I do.

Deborah Pym Harowitz LogoCreating Deborah Pym Harowitz so that my future inner artist can have a more serious home. Well, as serious as I’m capable of. This website will be my Mother Ship that points to all my other online hangouts. Not much there so far but, a place to grow.

I probably will not post here much, and I may recycle some of my older posts found here to one or two of the new blogs on occasion. This is all still a work-in-progress but, I hope you will follow me to my new digs and visit every so often.

Revel in color!

Deb H

A Summer of Change

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